Service Management with Ivanti – Supporting Identity and Access Management

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In the world of support, identity and access issues dominate the number one support call category with the infamous “I forgot my password” being ever present. Having mechanisms and capabilities to handle these onerous requests for our customs is part of the forward-thinking UNIFY builds into its Solutions. It pays to get the details right and as UNIFY’s Solutions Support Coordinator, my main objective is to enable my support staff to be flexible, efficient and responsive to our client’s needs; after all, our customers expect and should get the superior support that they deserve. By ensuring we have the best process in place UNIFY Solutions delivers support and managed services to mitigating down time and improve overall system stability. But how exactly do we ensure that our processes are the best they can be?

In IT, we generally talk about technology, people, and process. Occasionally, to improve the process you need new technology to be disruptive in order bring about change. To this end, I recently attended the Ivanti interchange conference to get a deeper insight into the future of service management and see how others in the industry are using Ivanti to achieve success. At UNIFY we are continually improving the way we do things and the Ivanti interchange conference was a good opportunity to see how others in the industry are tackling the issue of quality support.

When it comes to Service Management Ivanti is the new kid on the block but don’t be fooled by the new name; Ivanti has a deeply rooted ancestry which commands attention for anyone looking to be at the forefront of service management, security, discovery, reporting, and analytics. Ivanti market themselves as one unified brand, combining world-class solutions from Landesk, AppSense, Shavlik, Wavelink, and HEAT Software.

Of the two Australian events, I chose brisk Melbourne at Crown promenade just across from the opulent crown casino. The day’s events began with a Strategy & Vision introduction for Steve Morton, CMO and Ivanti’s CEO Steve Daly.

From the outset, the message was clear; the board range of tool sets which Ivanti covers have bedded in a strong foot hold in the industry. They have spent the last few years consolidating products and were ready to move forward as a leader in all their target fields.

Representing UNIFY it was my interest to follow the IT track rather than the supply chain track and in doing so I was delighted to see the strong focus on operational security, asset management, service management and unified endpoint management.


Coming from a background of Heat Software it was interesting to see the development in the service manager user interface which is seemingly drawing much of its design from Landesk. The new clean look and feel make it obvious that t the power and intelligence of heat software is still at play behind the scenes. The new mobile first design means that even on the go or at service points you can still quickly and easily see new and outstanding tasks to be completed.

As the day neared to an end we got to hear from Gary Wang speak about Ivanti and automation. One take away for me was not to be afraid of large ticket volumes in fact if your automation processes are set correctly getting a large volume of tickets is actually a good sign that people are adopting the process. The way Gary put it is that business has changed and our customers expect and experience. Through out the day, I was impressed by how Ivanti is tackling organisational issues through automation and service delivery. I was excited about the potential for Ivanti to improve support delivery in the world of identity and access management and as a potential future customer of Ivanti, I’m interested ways UNIFY can pass on the benefits the of improved processes to its customers.

If you’re interested in browsing the presentation from Gary Wang it can be accessed HERE.

You can also visit Ivanti online here: https://www.ivanti.co.uk/

Adam Aurisch

Adam is the Managed Services and Support Coordinator at UNIFY Solutions. He has over 10 years experience in supporting technology services and8 years experience in service management specifically service design and operations. Adam has a wide and various collection of hobbies including guitar/ audio recording, home automation, wood working, whisky/wine tasting and spending time with my 2 soon to be 3 daughters.

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