Recap: Q3 IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) – Brisbane

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When referring to a support team, the first thing that comes to people minds is the BAU aspect of the team, addressing incidents and service requests without being fully aware of the continuous improvement component of the team. Although not as prevalent as the BAU side of the support team, a continuous improvement component is just as important in its own right, as a service that does not improve and grow through CI, stagnates and will, in turn, see dissatisfaction through non-improvement of the current service. The speakers at this quarters ITSMF, discuss the importance of CI within the service desk, and their firsthand experience of service improvement.



Link: https://www.qut.edu.au/

Speaker: Ashton Mossop – LinkedIn

QUT HiQ’s Ashton Mossop discussed his journey while building a new “Human Resources” module in QUT’s service management tool. Ashton’s insights demonstrated the value add an ITSM structured service management approach brings to a non “IT” division within an organisation. He detailed during his presentation the differences in service offerings between an IT and non-IT service management, and how understanding these differences and applying them through an ITSM structure, allowed his team to achieve a successful module addition. Perhaps the most prominent lesson explained by Ashton, was the importance of speech and language when designing a service for non-IT division within an organisation. Ashton explained that not all terminology is as interchangeable between departments as one might think, and detailed in his approach to addressing this, that changing the terminology was necessary in some cases however the ITSM structure remained the same. The lessons learned during this project resonate with UNIFY service desk, as the importance of designing a service experience the is usable and user-friendly is not something that can be overlooked.


Airservices Australia

Link: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/

Speaker: Rachel Seaniger

Continuous Improvement is a topic of extreme relevance to UNIFY at present. Throughout all areas of UNIFY we are now more than ever striving to encourage and foster improvements of all sorts, not least within the Service Desk. Our latest commitment to this goal has been the introduction of a new and far more mature method of managing the ideas for continuous improvement. This has come straight from our CTO, Shane Day who has adopted a model for continuous improvement based strongly on a model used by Microsoft. The name of which we have deemed ‘UNIFY Solutions – One Project’. Thought this model does not focus solely on continuous improvement, it certainly has made massive improvements to the way in which UNIFY handles CI. The improvements that this has seen in continuous improvements have come in the form of regular meetings designed to allocate time spent towards CI activities, to monitor progress through CI activities, to propose new CI activities, and to review completed CI activities across the entire Service Desk (Australia and New Zealand).


Rachel’s presentation was overflowing with thought-provoking observations on the common state of CI within organisations such as the fact that IT Departments are expected to do more with less in the scope of CI, and the frequently occurring attitudes from management and staff that BAU takes up all available time, thus preventing time from being spent on CI – to which the response should be to “Make Time”. Following these points, Rachel closed with more than useful tips for ensuring that continuous improvement receives the attention it so desperately requires as follows:

  • Get a CI Process Owner
  • Get on senior leadership agenda
  • Embed in culture
  • Get a CI Policy
  • Have a process
    • Self-service portal for capture
    • Prioritization
  • Use ITIL practitioner Guidance
  • Get a CI/Innovation budget
  • User other frameworks to reinforce your message
  • Resilience and persistence
  • Build a good business case
  • See what other organisations are doing/network
  • Build an ally [Internal Audit People Make For Good Friends]


The final speaker of the day was a representative from ServiceNow who was unfortunately forced to condense his presentation into the space of 5 minutes due to time constraints. However, very impressively he was able to showcase the amazing work that people at this organisation are doing quite thoroughly!

Yet again it was fantastic to see what everyone in the space of ITSM has been up to of late and we look forward to the next forum.

Hayden Gray

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