Microsoft Azure AD B2C new features released

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For those who are not aware, Azure AD B2C is a Customer or Citizen Identity and Access management solution by Microsoft. The solution has been around for a while now in “Basic” form but is growing in adoption every day. For a great use case see the Real Madrid’s B2C Implementation with in excess of 450 Million fans throughout the world.

B2C Allows you to easily separate your Identity Experiencing away from the App development, allowing app developers to do what they do best. This Identity Experience Engine have come out of the Great minds of People Like Kim Cameron and Brandon Murdoch – Kim has done a great Blog post to explain the insight into the product here –  https://www.identityblog.com/?p=1589.

More and more features are becoming available all the time, but within the last week, 3 new additions have been added.

  • Single-page app (SPA) support
  • Usage reporting APIs
  • Friction-free consumer sign-up

For me the addition of the reporting feature to be able to see how many successful authentications (Including MFA) as well as counts of identities within your B2C tenant, will be extremely beneficial to our clients.

For more information on the above features see Swaroops Blog post Blog post.

Phil Whipps

I am a senior practitioner with sixteen years experience in the IT industry within the Identity and Access Management area. My Current focus is implementation and design of Azure based products - mainly focusing on B2C.

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